Management System Certification Body Impartiality Policy

The establishmen of MSCB is a milestone achivement in strengthenin NQI and for the first time, Sierra Leone will certify its enterprises under the brand "Certified in Sierra Leone, Accepted Globally".

Situations that ISO has considered apply as SLSB’s impartiality commitment:

SLSB does not permit financial or other pressures to certify a company to compromise impartiality.

Through our risk analysis SLSB identifies risks for possible conflict of interest presented during our certification services and how to eliminate or minimize it.

SLSB does not provide services of:

Design, manufacturing, installations, distributers or maintaining of the certified product;

Design, implementations, operators or maintaining of the certified process;

Design, implementations, providers or maintaining of the certified service;

Consultancy to the clients;

Management system consultancy or internal auditing to the clients where the certification scheme requires the evaluation of the client’s management system.

SLSB does not state or imply that certification would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive if a specified consultancy organization were used.

SLSB certification process does not select auditors who performed consulting services or worked for the company in the previous two years.

SLSB certification process does not select auditors who in the last two years have carried out consulting services or worked for the company to to be audited.

SLSB does not certify activities or systems of other certification bodies.

SLSB does not subcontract auditing services to a consulting or certification body.

SLSB does not provide any service that creates a threat to impartiality; we will take the necessary actions to eliminate such threats.

SLSB has an impartiality committee who through annual meetings ensure that we maintain fulfillment of the impartiality policy.

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